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Rental Agreement


   OWNERS:     NAME: ______________________________________________


                             NAME: ______________________________________________


                             ADDRESS:   _   ________________________________________


                             CITY:  _____________________ STATE:  ____  ZIP: ___________


                            HOME PHONE: (_______)_  ________  CELL (              )                             


                            WORK PHONE: (_     ____)___________



                           UNIT ______ / WEEK _____              UNIT ______ / WEEK ______

                           UNIT ______ / WEEK _____              UNIT ______ / WEEK ______ 



Steamboat Landing is hereby given the exclusive right to rent the property listed above in accordance with the terms as stated herein for the year listed above.  This agreement may not be revoked by owner unless approved in writing by Chris Management.

Upon the rental of this property within the terms of this agreement, owner agrees to pay a commission equal to 20% of gross rent to Charis Management with the commission deducted from rent proceeds.  Owner also agrees to reimburse Steamboat Landing for administrative costs of $6.00 per night and for this $6.00 per night to be deducted from rent proceeds.  Because a large number of rentals are paid by credit card with varying discounts, owner agrees to pay a fee of 3% of gross rent plus tax to Steamboat Landing to offset credit card discounts.  This percentage is paid on all rentals regardless of whether the renter pays by credit card or not and is deducted from the rent proceeds.

Each owner’s annual maintenance fee covers the cost of cleaning their unit once after check-out.  In order to compete with local motels, most rentals are on a nightly basis with daily maid service.  After the first cleaning covered by each owner’s annual maintenance fee, there is a daily cleaning charge of $15.00 for the second and all subsequent cleaning during your week.

I further understand that there is no guarantee that my unit will be rented in whole or in part or at any set rate.

In order to compete with other properties in our area, Steamboat Landing offers discounted commercial rates to business travelers, discounts to other Steamboat Landing Owners, as well as various discount coupons and programs designed to generate business.  A very large percentage of rentals result from one of these discount programs.  In placing my timeshare week for rent, I understand that my timeshare unit may be rented for one of the above discounted rates.

I agree that if I owe maintenance fees, property taxes, late charges, etc. on any of my week(s), these fees will be deducted from rental proceeds and paid to Owners Associations.

Owner warrants that it has the authority and power to enter into and perform its obligation under this agreement in behalf of all person(s) in title of Owner(s) unit/week.

OWNERS:                                                              DATE:                                        RECEIVED BY:

_____________________________          ___________        _____________________

_____________________________          ___________        _____________________



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